Today I spent my first full day in Pyeongtaek!

When I got up I tried to have a shower but there was no hot water. I later found out that the dial by the light switch and phone that serves as an intercom to someone at the door controls the hot water as well.

At work I was watching various teachers teach their classes and provide assistance where necessary. One thing that is interesting is that the kids’ ages are calculated according to the Korean age system, which is different to how ages are calculated in the West. In this system, a baby is one year old at birth (9 months are rounded up to a year) and everyone turns one year older on New Year’s Day. A baby born on December 31st, 2018, would be considered two years old in the Korean age system.

After work, I went to a local cafe and played a board game with one of my colleagues. After I lost and we finished, I got the bus to Sosa, one of the main shopping areas. It wasn’t far on the bus and it looked a really cool area – way cooler than anything in Dunedin.

I got some things at Daiso, had dinner at McDonald’s, and got some more stuff at Daiso. I then got the bus back home and set up the TV box with the network cable my boss had given me.

Korean TV has over 250 channels, including two Buddhist channels and a Won Buddhist channel. There were some Western channels in English and some in Chinese too. Korean TV includes:

  • Several sports channels, four of which were showing baseball and one soccer
  • Two channels showing billiards (like pool but no pockets on the table)
  • Two channels showing Go (baduk)
  • One channel showing Janggi (Korean chess)
  • Two channels showing competitive video gaming

Apart from the foreign channels, none seemed to be in English or have English subtitles. I suppose it’s a good incentive to improve my Korean.

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  1. Well done on settling in Scott…. quite a bit of courage needed and sounds like you have nailed the essential (soap, TV and hot water – plus I note Maccas !!!). I hear the teaching is going ok…. so just acclimatise yourself to a bit of Korean yelling and sounds like you will be fine. Great…. have a good week

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