Last night I headed up to Anyang to visit a temple that had a Dharma talk (Buddhist sermon) in English. I got the bus from outside Pyeongtaek University (close to work) to the station and hopped on the “subway” that runs above ground but is so called to distinguish it from the inter-city trains, I hear.

Anyway, after the service, I walked back to Gwanak Station and waited for the train. One was approaching bound for “Seodongtan”. I looked at the station diagram and couldn’t find it, but then I couldn’t find the north-bound train’s destination, either. I just assumed it was south of Pyeongtaek so got on anyway.

To all of you reading this who take S

To those of you who reading this who take the Seoul Metro to cities outside the Seoul area, BEWARE of trains bound for Seodongtan station (서동탄). It turned out to be a small station on a branch line that splits of from the main line after Byeongjeom station. It was after Byeongjeom station I realized we weren’t carrying on the route to Pyeongtaek. It was then I looked up my online map and found it. Then I found it on the train route diagram:

Seodongtan Station is pretty small on the map…

(as this can see, it’s a tiny little circle) I had to wait 10-15 minutes (this was after 10pm) for a train back to Byeongjeom, and then get a train the rest of the way to Pyeongtaek, which took an additional half an hour.

Some of the buses had stopped running by then but I think others were still going. My phone had died by this stage so I got a taxi home from the station and had a good conversation in Korean with the driver. I got home after 11pm. Fortunately, the fried chicken place nearby is open until 1am, so I was able to get a box of fried chicken for a very later dinner. (In my hometown, the only restaurant open at 1am would probably be McDonald’s).

So if you’re heading south on the Seoul Metro and a train to Seodongtan arrives first, make sure you get off at Byeongjeom and get a connecting train!

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